Claims, Disputes and Contract Administration Issues

While all contractors strive to maintain good relationships with their government clients, problems and administrative difficulties inevitably arise before, during and even after contract performance.  Some of these issues can be resolved quickly and without significant involvement of legal counsel, while others can be quite complicated and subject to a formal dispute resolution process under the Contract Disputes Act.  Without effective legal representation, unresolved claims, disputes, and other issues can have unforeseen damaging, long-term effects on contractors and may even lead to litigation.

Fed Nexus Law’s professionals have successfully assisted many contractors in resolving claims, disputes and contract administration issues.   For example, after an extended and contentious period of negotiation with a GSA contracting officer over the FAR’s requirements, we facilitated the approval of a client’s novation agreement after the company was sold.  Providing both legal and consulting expertise to contractors, Fed Nexus Law is able to achieve lasting legal and business solutions.  We not only solve our clients’ problems today; we ensure that they don’t come up again.